Tandoori Chicken Recipe

Tandoori Chicken Recipe


Tandoori chicken recipe  is one of the most popular Indian chicken recipe around the world .It is called the king of all roasts. While it looks delicious and also have great taste .It’s a common recipe in reputed restaurant in India and as well as in the world now let’s have a look below on all specific cooking instructions with a video on how to make  tandoori chicken recipe  at home .Basically people use tandoor clay oven but you can use your microwave to make this delicious recipe .

Here is a written instruction on how to make tandoori chicken recipe in oven below the video of tandoori chicken recipe by Sanjeev Kapoor .




  • 01.½ Kg chicken
  • 02.lime juice 4 table spoon
  • 03.100 gm yogurt
  • 04.Garam masala powder
  • 05. ½ tea spoon of Cumin powder
  • 06.Vegetable oil 4 table spoon


1. You have to marinade your chicken and it is two step processes. For the first step take marinade into a bowl with all lemon lime juice and add ½ table spoon of ginger garlic paste , 1 tea spoon of paprika powder ,salt about one teaspoon and mix well with a spoon .Now our your first mixture is ready .

2. Take the shaped chicken in a bowl and add the marinade into the bowl mix the chicken well with this marinade. Let this mixture for 15 minutes for good mixing.

3. Now In 15 minute make second marinade.For the second marinade take rest of ginger garlic paste, yogurt, Garam masala and Cumin powder in a jar and mix this by using a spoon you can use your hand your hand also.

4. After the mixing of first marinade we will add second marinade about 15 minutes later. Rub this second marinade into the chicken.

5. Now leave this mixture for minimum 4 hour .It is much better if you give much more time to soak.

6. Now it is ready to cook .Use grill section of a oven to cook this delicious roast. So take a non sticky pan apply 4 table spoon of oil over it now place the chicken on it and then use grill option for 10 minutes for cooking .

7. Now after 10 minutes bring the pan out from oven and turn over the chicken then keep it grilling for another 15 minutes.

8. Yes now it is ready to serve. So serve this delicious dish with a nice decoration.

So lets make Tandoori chicken recipe at home .



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